The world’s top 10 cable knit sweaters

Lacoste, a global fashion house, announced today that it will make a sweater called the Black Cropped Sweater that is black and has a cable knit design.

The Black Cropping Sweater is available in both the US and Europe, and will be available from March 27. 

The Black Crosted Sweater, which is the company’s first black cable knit sweater with a cable design, is made from wool, and it is available for $129 USD on Lacostes website.

The sweater is made in the UK. 

Lacoste released a video in May 2017 that showed how to knit a cable sweater. 

In the video, the knitters show a tutorial to learn how to make a cable knitting sweater, with instructions on how to add a cable. 

Black Cropped Knit Sweater: A Cable knit sweater.

It is available exclusively on Lacos website for $139 USD. 

According to Lacostees website, the BlackCropped Sweaters design is inspired by the cable knit patterns of India, where the wool is dyed black. 

 Lacanoste announced that the Blackcropped Sweathe is a new design that has been developed by the knitwear design team. 

‘We are excited to announce our latest collaboration with the Indian knitwear brand Lacostel,’ said Lorna Hirsch, President and CEO of Lacostre.

‘The BlackCroftet is a bold statement on Lacoshares commitment to creating premium knitwear and accessories for women.’

Lacos innovative and distinctive black yarn and its unique cable knit pattern is an extension of the brand’s commitment to innovation, creativity and high quality.’ 

‘Lacanos Black Croftet, available exclusively from Lacos, is a classic black knit sweater that embodies our commitment to excellence in quality, craftsmanship and value,’ said Hirsch. 

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