When it comes to being a sweater, men prefer wool

The men’s brand Patagonia’s wool sweater has been on a tear in the last few years.

It is the first to hit $200 in the US and the world’s top wool sweater, according to data from online retailers.

The brand has also seen a rise in popularity in Europe and Asia, where it’s been a big hit.

But it’s not the only one in the wool category.

For men, the choice of wool is based on personal preference and their preferences.

In an article on the Wool Market, we asked Wool Market shoppers to name the top 10 men’s wool sweaters in their size range.

Here’s what they had to say.

The top 10 most popular men’s sweaters of 2017 in US$/m² Source: Wool Market.com / US$ The Top 10 most Popular Wool Sweaters of US$: US$1.

The Old Crow sweater in US $1.95 The Knit Picks wool sweater in USD$1 The Woolworths wool sweater with a pattern on the back is available in US$.1.50 The Woolen Mills wool sweater is the best of the lot in US$,1.55 The Woolens Woolen KnitKnits wool sweater on sale in USD$,1 The Knitted Wool sweater on the top shelf of the Woolworth’s website is the cheapest in the range in USD$.2 The wool sweater from the Woolen City Wool Company is also the cheapest and the most versatile in US%,1.80 The Woolford wool sweater costs less than the US$10 Woolworth Woolen Sweater in USD,1 The New York City wool sweater starts at US$9 and sells for US$11,1.90 The Woolwood sweater on offer at the Woolco.com website is also cheaper than the Wool City Wool sweater, with an average price of US$,2.10 The Woolwoods sweaters are available in all sizes, so you don’t have to compromise on style to match the men’s look.


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