‘Puppy’ is the new ‘supermodel’ for women with Down syndrome

HUGO — A cat that was rescued from a home and adopted by a dog lover is the subject of a viral video.

The cat, named Molly, was adopted by Molly the Dog in the town of Hoyo, in the Dominican Republic, and her owner, David Legrand, said she is “just a normal little girl” and has Down syndrome.

“I’m a happy cat, I’m always smiling and I love everything,” Molly said.

“She’s the new supermodel for people with Down Syndrome.”

The video, which was shared on Facebook, has gone viral with more than a million views.

“We have a really, really special girl, a very special little girl,” Legrand said.

The video has received more than 2 million views on Facebook.

“Molly is a very, very special person.

She’s a very quiet, sweet girl,” said Legrand.”

When we saw her, we didn’t think she was going to make it.

But she did, and we were all very happy.”

Legrand, who is also a trainer, said Molly is an inspiration for all those with Down’s syndrome, because Molly has such an “enormous capacity for love.”

“She loves to cuddle and she loves to eat,” LeGrand said.

He said Molly’s adoption was not an easy decision for Molly.

“It’s been quite a journey to get her here, and to get the people who have helped her through that journey here, she’s such a wonderful, happy, sweet, wonderful girl.

She just has a huge capacity for life,” Legrent said.

Molly has since made several friends, including her owner David Legrands adopted daughter, who will now have a cat to play with.

“There’s always so many people that have helped me, but we are so happy because she’s just the most wonderful, wonderful little girl, and she’s so kind and sweet,” Le Grand said.

Legrand said he hopes to have Molly adopted by the end of this year.

“You know, I always say to people, just go get a cat, just make sure you get a healthy one, and if you can afford to get one, get a good one, because she needs that.

She needs a lot of love and she needs it right now,” Le Grants said.

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