Cold shoulder sweater made with ‘black’ dye, ties dye, and off white sweater

NEW YORK — The New York City-based maker of a $25,000 tie dye sweater has been accused of selling it for a mere $3,600.

The company, called The Tie Dye Company, said Thursday that it had no intention of profiting from the sale.

It is unclear whether the company is owned by one of its own employees, or whether the proceeds went to the company itself.

Tie Dye is a business that is known for producing tie dye sweaters for both men and women, and has made a name for itself by making tie dye jackets and tie dye pants.

The company’s website claims that its products have been used to make ties, ties, and ties ties for men and to tie down the ties for women.

The company’s CEO, Stephen Hagerty, said the sweater he designed had no ties and was a traditional off white color.

Hagerty said he was not aware of any of his customers who were interested in buying the sweater.

He said he had no idea who had ordered the sweater or why.

He said that the sweater is made in a factory in the United States, which is in New York.

The shirt is made from 100 percent cotton and is made by a local tailor in New Jersey.

“The shirt is a product of 100 percent natural cotton fibers,” he said.

A T-shirt made in the same factory is $150.

As far as how the company would pay for the sweater, Hagery said the company planned to use proceeds from sales of tie dye products and other merchandise from the sales to cover payroll.

In addition to the shirt, Hangerty said the garment will be sold at a discount, and will include an assortment of tie tie dye-colored T-shirts.

But a source familiar with the deal said the total sales of the sweater and tie dyed shirt will likely be less than $3.6 million.


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