How to get your pink sweater back on and in style with this DIY tutorial

The pink sweater is often seen as the perfect accessory for a woman who is on the hunt for a more feminine style.

However, this garment can also be a little more expensive than it appears.

Here are some tips to get it back on your shoulders in style.1.

Cut it out and lay it flat.2.

Cut your collar in half.3.

Cut a small slit in the back of the neck.4.

Cut the sleeves of your jacket into two halves and sew the two halves together to form a neckline.5.

Pin your collar, and pin the other half of your neckline together.6.

Pin the collar with a button and sew a seam around the back.7.

Lay the jacket flat, then sew a line down the middle, ending with the zipper.8.

Pin in place with a stitch and stitch the seam all the way around.9.

Pin and sew your sleeve together.10.

Tie a bow to your collar and sew around the front of your collar with the back lining.11.

Lay your jacket on a work surface, then pin it to the back and sew along the line on both sides.12.

Pin a button on the back, and then sew along it and the backline of your shirt.13.

Sew on your collar to complete your collar.14.

Tie your sleeve with a bow and add some extra decorative flair with some buttons, ribbon, and a small ribbon.15.

Pin it to your neck and sew it to keep the neckline in place.16.

Add some additional detail by attaching a bow on your sleeve and a button to your lapel.


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