The ‘wearing out’ sweater design: Why you should wear one

Posted December 12, 2019 14:17:20The sweater, a fashion statement and an iconic accessory, is synonymous with both the 1950s and 1960s.

But now, with the world at war, many of us are choosing to ditch the traditional look.

Here are the key reasons you should stop wearing a sweater.

First, you might want to ditch it.

A sweater has a long history as a way of showing your social class, often seen in the form of a star on a black or grey sweater.

In the 1950’s, when there was a general ban on formal wear in the US, people wore these colourful sweaters as a symbol of class.

But they soon came under scrutiny after a series of bomb explosions, resulting in mass evacuations.

In 1962, American designer Mary Jane Wilson’s classic sweater, which she had inspired, was widely criticised for its “dressy” styling and unprofessionalism.

But this was just the beginning of the criticism.

In 1965, the US Supreme Court struck down a ban on military uniforms and issued a ruling allowing for the use of “wearing a sweater as a form of formal expression”.

Many people, however, thought it was a mistake to have a formal shirt and tie, rather than a suit, as a formal attire.

When the sweater trend hit the US in the 1970s, the garment was a hit.

And with a new generation of designers like Lauren Conrad and Stella McCartney, who wore the traditional style with their jackets and shirts, many Americans were choosing to keep it up.

But with the war in Afghanistan, the war on terror and a new economic climate, people are no longer going to wear it.

So why should you stop wearing it?

Why wear it?

If you’re a young professional, you probably don’t want to wear a sweater all the time.

In a country like the US where you’ll often be spending time with friends, it can be a big deal to wear one all the while.

And when you do, you’re probably not going to find the look flattering.

“A lot of people wear them as a mark of social class,” says Michael Hirst, head of creative at The American Designers Guild.

“The military people wear it because they’re trying to show they’re not a military person.

They want to look cool and not be the butt of jokes.”

The trend is popular among young designers and designers of all ages, but some people prefer to stick with a traditional look and just keep it in place.

This isn’t to say you should ditch the sweater entirely.

Some people still like it, but you can’t go back to wearing it because it’s a statement of class, says Hirst.

Instead, why not take the opportunity to wear the sweater as an accessory to make yourself feel different and different from everyone else?

It’s the right way to go, he says.

You can also make the sweater a statement by wearing it over a casual dress, such as a suit or shirt.

Or, for a casual outfit, you can wear it over your traditional work attire, such in jeans, a shirt or a sweater with an eyelet, he adds.

It’s also a great way to wear your sweater in a different setting.

You can dress it up in a cocktail dress, suit or sweater, says Daniel Vosburg, who designed the classic classic sweater for Ralph Lauren.

The classic style is now a fashion trend that’s gaining popularity worldwide.

You don’t have to go back so far to the past to see why this is the right look.

In 1930s Britain, there was one of the first examples of the “weary-eyed sweater”.

That was the 1950 British fashion designer Joseph Hockney, who was one year into a three-year stint as a school teacher.

He wanted to wear his sweater to the lunch table and had the students make a picture of him with it.

“They didn’t even wear it as a sign of mourning.

They wore it to make fun of me,” Hockneys biographer John Taylor says.”

He didn’t want the sweater to go out of fashion.

He wanted it to go on and on and not disappear.”

So Hocknes sweater was inspired by a similar type of dress worn by women during the Victorian era.

And so in the 1950 and 1960, there were countless examples of this, says Vosburgh.

They were not wearing it as an act of mourning or anything like that.

They were just wearing it for the fun of it.

“Vosburg says many of the sweater’s earliest adopters were women who saw it as part of their social status.”

In the ’50s, you had the whole social status thing,” he says, “so they wanted to do something with it.

“What you wear will depend on your interests, says Matthew Gresham, an


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