New York Times bestselling book on design and fashion says ‘design is not about what is fashionable’

The new New York Time bestselling book The New York City of Fashion, is out now.

The book’s cover features the city’s iconic red, white and blue motifs, along with its skyline.

The cover image shows a woman in a blue dress, her hair and neck in the foreground, while the words “The New York of Fashion” are written on her cheekbones.

It’s one of the first times a New York city book has been published in its current format, which is illustrated by a series of cartoon characters.

In the book, which focuses on fashion, the author says the word “fashion” is not synonymous with what’s trendy.

“It is not fashionable to wear a dress that is ‘just fashionable’ and ‘just trendy’,” he writes.

“I am not suggesting that fashion is the same as fashion.

What I am suggesting is that fashion has become a way of life, not just an aesthetic pursuit.”

The book is a collaboration between the book publisher Simon & Schuster and the New York-based design company Design in the City.

He says the design team’s goal is to present a broader and more diverse perspective of the citys design scene.

“We hope that The New City of Dress will serve as a benchmark for what the world is thinking about fashion in the 21st century,” he said.

Design in the city has collaborated with fashion brands like Nike, Burberry, Alexander McQueen and Tommy Hilfiger.

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The Telegraph has been approached for comment.


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