Which Nike sweatshirt is right for you?

The Nike Air Max 1 (above) and the Nike AirMax 1+ (below) are both great in the heat and have plenty of sweat resistance.

The Nike Boost 350 (above), on the other hand, is a bit less sweat-resistant than the Boost 350+ (right) and doesn’t offer as much breathability, but has the advantage of a lower weight. 

We asked the Nike reps at our local retail store to describe the differences between these two models.

Here are the answers from our panel: The Nike Air max 1 (left) has a more streamlined design, but still maintains a classic aesthetic.

It’s thinner and lighter than the Nike Boost.

The AirMax1+ (middle) is less compact and lighter, but offers more ventilation.

Both of these models offer sweat protection with a nylon shell. 

Both models also have an in-line thermo-adjustable ventilation system.

The Boost 350 has a smaller mesh liner that makes it more convenient to wear in the cold.

The new Boost 350 also has a removable heat shield that comes with a water-resistant collar. 

The new Nike sweat shirt is made of synthetic material with a light-weight feel and a mesh liner. 

Nike Air Max1 (left), Air Max 2 (middle), Nike Air Boost 350, Nike Airmax 1 (right), Nike Boost 300 (top) A lightweight sweatshirt that’s designed to provide breathability and comfort when you’re outside. 

This sweatshirt can be worn over sweatpants or over jeans.

The nylon lining offers breathability.

The synthetic material is more breathable than the other models, but the material doesn’t provide as much ventilation. 

Pair this sweatshirt with a jacket to keep your heat out and you’ll be cool in the sun.

The lower weight of the Nike airmax 1+ helps keep it cooler and more comfortable. 

Its lightweight and comfortable.

This sweatshirt has a slim fit and is easy to slip on or off. 

It’s easy to wash and dry.

It has a breathable mesh liner and a cotton lining that provides a layer of protection for the wearer. 

These models also offer a more breath-able mesh lining for warmer weather. 

While the Nike heat shirt is lighter than its competitors, it offers a much larger thermal area.

The heat shield and collar offer ventilation while the mesh liner helps keep the air in. 

Air Max 1+ This model has a slightly thicker and more bulky fabric that offers a bit more breathability for longer periods of time.

This model has an invertible mesh liner, which allows you to wear it in a variety of ways. 

Breathability is a great feature when you want to keep a warm body temperature. 

Warmest models are more breathably, but less comfortable in the colder months. 

They have a mesh-lined thermal strip that provides better ventilation than the mesh on the Nike Heat and Boost models. 

All models are made from synthetic material that is made from 100% cotton, but there are a few other synthetic materials. 

In the winter, Nike recommends wearing a jacket that is not too warm and keeps the heat out of your body.

The company also offers a thermo sleeve that fits under a jacket or a hoodie.

The coolness of the new Nike heat and Boost 300+ models is enhanced by the mesh lining on the sleeves. 

You’ll find more information on each model in our article on which sweatpants to buy.

Nike Boost 350 The Boost 350 is a slightly more lightweight model with a softer feel and more breath retention.

It is made with synthetic material, but it has a lighter weight and a slightly higher density than the Air Max and Air Max+ models.

The warmer model is slightly more comfortable, but doesn’t have as much insulation. 

There are two different fabrics on the Boost350: a lightweight mesh material that adds breathability while a heavier nylon material that provides more breath absorption. 

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