When black sheep, cat and Christmas sweater collide

By JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – Black sheep and cat Christmas sweaters are popular in South Africa, and the country has become an international hub for fashion designers in recent years, but this year is no different.

The country has seen the emergence of a black sheep in fashion in recent months.

A new designer, Bantu Black Sheep, has teamed with a cat to make an elegant black sheep wool sweater that can be worn for a day or a week, according to the designer.

Black Sheep has also launched a special Christmas sweater that is available only in the Black Sheep store in Pretoria, which sells its wares in large blocks and in limited quantities.

The company has also announced a collaboration with a luxury designer, Fendi, for a new black sheep silk scarf.

The Woolies, which also sell their wares on social media, are known for their wool-clad, designer-designed sweaters, which often feature animal designs such as a giraffe, giraffe antelope, giraffes and elephants.

A man wearing a sweater with the Black sheep logo, which was released in March, was spotted in Pretorian capital, Pretoria.

(Reuters photo: Adriaan Leko)The Woolys, who are based in the Cape Town suburb of KwaZulu-Natal, have long been known for using wool as an alternative to synthetics, and for producing sweaters that are lightweight, breathable and easy to clean.

But the brand has expanded its reach since the arrival of the Black Wool in 2016.

A black sheep is a type of sheep that is a little different from a sheep, a hybrid of the sheep and the goats, according the company’s website.

They are not a breed of sheep, but a sheep that has been crossbred with a sheep.

It has a shorter neck, smaller ears and a more robust structure, while having a wider body and a stronger body to carry the weight.

They have been used in traditional clothing as a way of expressing a person’s spirit, but now they are popular with fashion designers, particularly as they are able to be worn with minimal effort and have been worn by celebrities and celebrities’ wives and girlfriends, according a statement by Woolies in January.

In 2017, the Woolies were also one of the first brands to release a black wool sweater for women in their stores, the statement said.

The wool is made from a blend of wool from two of the country’s most popular black sheep breeds, the Sibanda and the Pemba, which are both highly valued in the traditional South African fashion industry, the company said.

(Reporting by Adriaans D’Eon; Editing by Angus MacSwan)


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