Nike sweats to return to store shelves with new apparel and apparel accessories

NEW YORK (AP) Nike will return to the outdoor market with new outdoor apparel and accessories and introduce new outdoor shoes and accessories to its apparel and footwear inventory.

Nike said it will open its outdoor stores in the summer of 2020.

The company has already been in the outdoor clothing business for more than 20 years and has a presence in the United States.

The companies goal is to sell as many shoes as possible at the same time, Nike said in a statement.

Nero is expanding its outdoor apparel line with a range of sneakers, socks, hats and jackets that can be worn outdoors.

The brand is focusing on outdoor wear because outdoor temperatures can drop to below freezing.

Nike’s outdoor line will include a wide range of products, from socks to socks and shoes to jackets.

Nerlens Noel, the chief marketing officer for Nike’s outdoors business, said the brand is committed to bringing outdoor gear to consumers, both in the home and outdoors.

“We want to be an all-inclusive retailer for people who are looking for the best outdoor products, whether it’s hiking boots, hiking shoes, running shoes or just walking shoes,” Noel said.

Neri’s outdoor offerings will include socks and hiking boots that are made to fit both feet and will have a full-length mesh footbed that lets users enjoy the outdoors while walking.

Nerlengo’s footwear line includes hiking boots and running shoes made for the backcountry.

NerdWallet’s editorial staff contributed to this report.

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