How to wear a blue sweater

When it comes to dressing up for the winter, a few simple rules can help you stay cool.1.

If you want to make a statement, wear a sweater with a black tie.2.

If it’s chilly, wear white shirts and jeans instead of a tie.3.

If the weather is getting colder, wear light-colored shirts and pants instead of white shirts.4.

If there’s a long stretch of snow on the ground, wear khaki shorts instead of denim shorts.5.

If temperatures are getting colder and there’s snow, wear pants instead.

The second rule says to wear light blue sweater over white shirts or jeans.

This way, the tie dyes your shirt to the blue colour.

The tie dots your jeans.

And finally, wear denim shorts with the blue tie to make it easier to dress up.

This is a good way to stay cool in a cold winter.

Here’s how to do it:1.

Put on a blue tee or sweater and lay a white t-shirt or jeans over the top.2,3.

Lay a white T-shirt over your tie and tie-dye your pants to the colour of your sweater.4,5,6.

Remove the ties and tie dye your jeans to the shade of your shirt.7,8.

Lay your shirt and pants over a light blue shirt.9,10,11,12.

Repeat steps 2,5 and 6.

You can also put on a white sweater and tie, but remember to do this on the same day.13.

If your outfit looks too casual, wear jeans instead.14.

If wearing jeans or a tee doesn’t work, consider wearing a sweater over jeans or pants.15.

If this looks too cool for the cold, try wearing khaki trousers instead of jeans.


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