‘Night Sweats’ men’s sweater with a yellow sweater

By The Sport Bug: The red, yellow and white striped sweater that has become the de facto look for boys at Christmas has now found a home in the home of dads, the dads-only boys’ Christmas sweater.

The men’s winter holiday outfit has become something of a Christmas tradition, with dads and sons dressing up in suits and shirts with festive holiday motifs, and many have become accustomed to wearing them with their own sons. 

With dads’ Christmas sweaters on the rise, the ‘night sweats’ look has also taken on a life of its own, as fathers have adopted the trend.

This new look can be found on many men’s Christmas sweats, including the boys Christmas sweater, and some even go so far as to name the style after the boy’s name. 

In recent years, the trend has spread around the world, with men’s dads increasingly embracing the new look and sporting it as a style statement, and a Christmas present. 

“I think men have always been the ones who are the most likely to dress up for Christmas.

There’s a lot of men who grew up as boys, and that’s been part of their tradition since they were young,” said Matt Stansbury, head of sales at UK-based sportswear retailer Sportbug.

“I think we’ve become more accepting of that as a look, but the guys have always dressed up.” 

Matt, who was born and raised in the UK, says dads who have adopted this look are now dressing it up in all sorts of ways, from shirts and sweaters to a hat and a scarf. 

The trend is not without its detractors, as some dads are worried about what their sons will look like without a winter wonderland in the house. 

But Matt says there is nothing wrong with the look, and he has even started wearing it in front of his boys, including a photo shoot with his son Ryan. 

 “My son loves it.

It’s very casual and he likes it because he’s used to being out and having fun, so it’s good for him,” he said. 

Matt has even had a boy dressed as Santa Claus for the shoot, and even had him take part in a Christmas tree lighting event. 

He said the trend is an expression of masculinity and masculinity is becoming more mainstream.

“I don’t think we’re as old as men anymore, and I think the look is great.

It just shows a lot more maturity and a lot less of the childishness that we were seeing in the past,” Matt said.

Matt says he’s also had dads wearing the look outside the home, but he says they often do it with their children too. 

And even though he hasn’t yet had his own sons dressed up in the style, he’s already planning to do just that.

“He’s really excited about it.

We’re going to be taking a trip to his mum’s house this weekend, so we’re going for a trip in there and we’re definitely going to have a look at his Christmas sweater,” Matt said.

“The boys will be wearing it too, but I think it’s just going to become the Christmas sweater for him. 

Read more about the Christmas holiday season: The Sport Bug 


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