What if you had to wear a black sweater dress to work?

In the UK, the government is considering legislation that would allow companies to require employees to wear clothes made with wool or polyester in the workplace.

The proposal comes as companies are under pressure from some campaigners to cut down on the use of plastic waste in their products.

But many experts fear that, without any regulation, people could wear the clothes without any consequences, and the consequences could be dire.

 It’s a big issue.

It’s not only about how you feel and how you look.

It affects people’s lives and that’s really important, said Helen Wurster, a research fellow at the Centre for Health and Environmental Policy at Lancaster University.

The UK government wants to make sure that people feel comfortable in the clothing that they wear and to make them feel supported.

But she said the legislation is unlikely to go anywhere.

“This legislation will not pass without some kind of regulatory framework that ensures that people can be sure that their clothes are not made of plastic,” she said.

Wurster said it was “a little bit of a paradox” that the legislation would be aimed at a specific group of workers, while the rest of the population would be unaffected.

“It would be a bit of an anomaly if it was aimed at only workers that use the plastic waste industry, but I think the majority of people would not be affected by it,” she added.

In the UK there are about 2.2 million people employed in the plastic industry, including textile and fabricators, and almost all of them are male.

If a person was to wear one of the products in the proposed legislation, they would have to wear the clothing in public.

However, it’s not clear that would be an option for most employees.

It could mean that workers are forced to wear their clothes to the office, even if they aren’t required to wear it.

“There would be people that might feel uncomfortable about that.

I think it would be more comfortable if the person who made that decision didn’t feel that way,” Wurter said.”

If the person is wearing the clothes, it is fine to do that and people will understand that they are not wearing any type of material that is harmful.”

In addition to the proposed rules, the UK government is also looking into whether there should be a regulation that applies to all workplaces, rather than just certain areas.

A spokesman for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said it did not want to get ahead of the legislation before it is passed.

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