Grinch Sweatshirt is the new king of sweatpants

Grinch sweatshirts are the newest trend in the athletic world.

A brand called Sweatshop has just introduced its first new-year-only item of sweatwear, the Grinch sweatpants.

The Grinch comes in a variety of sizes, and it comes in five different colors, from orange to the latest bright-orange, and the company says it’s also the only sweatwear to have a heart-shaped logo.

This one comes in both black and blue, and there’s also a version with a heart and a “S” logo on the back.

The company is hoping that this will help it gain more mainstream popularity.

“We think that the Grinshirt will be a really popular item,” said CEO John Smedley.

“A lot of people, especially sports fans, will wear it, and we think it will help us build that brand.”

The company has already launched an online campaign with the tag “Grinch Sweater,” which is now being watched by over 2 million people.

“It’s really fun to be able to take something that you’re a big fan of and create something new and different for your own personal brand,” said Smedly.

He said that, as far as the Grinches popularity goes, it’s “going to be awesome.”

Sweatshop isn’t the only brand looking to capitalize on the new trend.

The American Apparel company has created an “Amber Rose” sweatpants with a cute heart, a “Happy Birthday” logo, and a heart shaped like a Grinch.

You can also find the Sweatshirts in two colors, and both are $20.

You’ll find the Grinchers in a new, limited-edition colorway, and you can also buy the Sweatpants in a limited edition “Bumblebee” sweater.

“The new Grinch is so cool,” said American Applarel president of communications Lauren Hager.

“It’s like the Grin and the Grinkie.

The Grinch, like the other Grinches, have a sweet heart, so that is just one of the things that really captures people’s attention.”


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